My Book Launch India Tour (Part 3) – 2017

The liveability in India must be improved proactively by all stake holders (in India and overseas) on a war footing, sooner than later, for the survival and sustainability of the country. Liveability refers to the basic life supporting system, such as: Quality of air for breathing Quality and availability of […]

My Book Launch India Tour (Part 2) – 2017

Indian cities are well and truly choking, and heading towards a complete gridlock in not too distant future, due to ever worsening traffic congestions in most, if not all, Indian cities. One does not need to have a PhD degree (in liveability) to see the current sorry state of liveability […]

My Book Launch India Tour (Part 1) – 2017

I have lived four eventful and memorable weeks in India, between 12 November and 13 December 2017, crisscrossing the country, covering six cities, in a warm and humid climate in the central, west and the south of India, and a colder but relatively smoggier environment in the north. One common […]

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