Return to Kashmir – Reply to Mr Ajaz Dar sahib’s invitation

“Dear Ajaz sahib, greetings and thank you for your comments. As a Kashmiri, I am heartened by these words coming from a fellow Kashmiri. I am prepared to return to my home – my Kashmir. Please tell me when should I return? I can’t, however, say anything about my KP community. I left a month before most of them left; they thought I was a khochbud (coward). Now they may say I have lost my sanity.They think individually and only follow themselves and no one else. Every KP family left on its own. They decided individually when and how to leave.

As I have lost my house / home in Kashmir, I have nowhere to live in the valley now. The whole valley is, therefore, my home. I can live with you and my other fellow Kashmiri brothers. Being a vaishnav, I only eat hakh and batta.

I’ll walk with you through every street of the valley. I’ll meet every single family in Kashmir and embrace them. Let us turn a new leaf in the history of Kashmir and bring back peace and harmony amongst ALL her people, and pave way for her prosperity and progress.

Let us not wait for any government to mediate; they have no role to play – they never had any role to play – they were found missing and wanting in the past. I know, by returning, I’ll be risking my life.

I also know that it would be unwise, rather foolish of me, to ask you provide me with any guarantee for my security and safety. If my blood can bring peace, I will be honoured that my life would have served its purpose. What do you say? Are you prepared to walk with me? My best regards to you.”… Bill K Koul

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