‘Civility defines a person. Difficult times test a person’s character. A person’s conduct in the face of provocation and adversity defines the person’s upbringing, education and refinement. How a person behaves with one’s rival / nemesis / enemy / competitor during a face-off defines the humanness and dignity of that […]

Heaven & hell

“Heaven and hell are here and now, both within us. When we are at peace with ourselves, we are in heaven. In our peaceful state of mind, we radiate peace and we live in harmony with the other living beings. We remain settled and we are more accommodating and forgiving. […]

Meddlers claim innocence

‘It is not unusual to see meddlers claiming innocence when challenged or when they realise they have messed up. There is a difference between mediation and meddling, as illustrated below: If two quarrelling parties ask for help from a ‘neutral’ third party and that third party agrees to help ‘both’ […]