We Kashmiris

“We Kashmiris may look weary, teary, dreary, shaky, noisy or lazy. That is only a superficial perception, which may fool many. Deep down, we are extremely hardy, tenacious, pugnacious and resilient. Our history is extremely complex. We withstood Alexander’s invasion, as well as repeated invasions of several Mongol chiefs. We […]

Silly little drivers

“Cars waiting at the traffic light, dreaming of Christmas, looking quite weary. Cars running on the road, cursing their impatient drivers, looking quite blurry. Cars crashed on the road, angry at their careless drivers, looking quite teary. Bored frustrated cars, carrying people with jumbo egos, looking quite dreary. Overused cars, […]


“Limited your body may be but not your mind or soul; fly you can anytime, anywhere, like the little bird; grow your wings and away you fly. Open your eyes, look around; all are limited, many feel lonely, many cry; only those with an open mind, unbound and unlimited, are […]


“Humans come into two main functional types – users and usable commodities. Interestingly, each one of us serves both these functions in many situations of life. We use other people – knowingly or unknowingly – deliberately or inadvertently – and, in turn, are also used by the very same people […]