Herath Mubarak

‘In the Himalyan valley of Kashmir, located at 5,000 feet above the sea level, Kashmiri Pandits would celebrate this day as ‘Herath’. This day is the most significant day in the traditional Kashmiri Pandit calendar. The day would be invariably marked by a heavy snowfall. This year also, it has […]


‘It was around 6.30 pm. He was waiting for his bus at a bus stop to go home, feeling very hungry and tired. Across the road, the fancy restaurant was buzzing with people. He wished he ate something but realized he could not afford anything there; he did not have […]

Life & love

‘It is true that, in essence, I am ‘nothing’ – just a handful of dust, destined to go back to dust one day; or a tiny bubble, formed by a delicate film of ego of being, destined to burst suddenly some moment. It is only love that makes something of […]