Zero-child Policy!

‘‘No, Sir, India needs a Zero-child Policy!’ These words belong to a young frustrated couple on a motorbike, immediately behind our car, who, like us and hundreds of other  commuters (mostly tourists), waited helplessly for that choked Dalhousie road to open. They shouted these words immediately in response to ‘India […]


‘One would assume that education will solve all issues in the world, but does it? It seems to work both ways, depends upon who is using it. Knowledge is power and, therefore, must be imparted and used judiciously, with extreme caution, by the educators and the students. On one hand, thankfully, […]


‘Commitment is born out of love and care for others, as well as out of duty and responsibility towards your country and/or the world community. In this materialistic day and age, commitment may be seen by some as madness. But it is the only way one can live and demonstrate […]