Birth of Thugland

Thugland wasn’t always known by that name, it had been a crucible of culture, knowledge, valour and benevolence in its glorious history. It was home to the noble and the learned. Previously known as Godland, it was defined by its grandeur, yet it had been modest. As Godland, it had […]

The Middle East crisis – a blot on humanity

Sensitive but pertinent questions can’t stop being raised about an ‘unbelievable’ attack by Hamas on a practically impregnable State of Israel on 7 October 2023, and the timing thereof. Undoubtedly, Hamas’ gruesome killings of innocent Israeli civilians within the Israeli controlled territory, after crossing a seemingly unassailable wall around a […]

World at a precipice

The current Israel-Hamas conflict has the potential to blow up the world like a nuclear-powder keg. We can’t call it a war because Palestinians are stateless, without any army to defend them or their borders. The current siege of Gaza is perhaps amongst the last nails in its coffin. The […]

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