“Dear friends, good morning. I am pleased to share some brief info about some of my forthcoming books:

(1) An academic book on Kashmiri Pandits (title is confidential at the moment) – on if, who, why, how, when and how many of them may return home if at all (2019)
(2) “A Book of Thoughts” (2019)
(3) “A New-age Buddha” (2020)
(4) “Art & Philosophy of Engineering” (2020) 
Happy reading and best wishes.” … Bill Koul (9 July 2019)


My latest book, Does India Need A Dictatoris about India’s survival, sustainability and general health. It has been written with intent to provoke a positive debate across India. I believe the current political infrastructure in India is inadequate in truly addressing the issues that continuously undermine the country, such as an alarmingly increasing population, dwindling liveability, environmental degradation, corruption, poor education of the masses, poverty etc. I believe a significant transformation in the political infrastructure is necessary to address those issues, for which an authoritarian government, headed by a benevolent dictator, is necessary for at least one generation. Kashmir has a special coverage in this book. I believe a peaceful Kashmir is vital for India’s good health and integrity, and vice versa.

This book should be of interest to the policy makers in India and all those readers who are interested in political science and legislation, education, environment and sustainability of India.

22 Years: A Kashmir STORY as A nominee
"best story award"
by. the NY Literary Magazine

22 Years: A Kashmir Story

My first book, 22 Years, is a memoir and a Kashmir story. I see Kashmir as the geographical head of India, as well as an ancient seat of spirituality. A peaceful and progressive India is crucial for a peaceful and progressive Kashmir, and vice versa.

The book tells an inspiring true story about a Kashmiri boy, Billu, whose life journey has been an absolute rollercoaster. He virtually rose from the ashes, not once but several times in his life. He got uprooted from Kashmir in December 1989, due to an unprecedented politico-religious upheaval, when he was just about 27 year old.  About five lakh members of his Pandit community also left the valley after a month of his departure.

Over years, Billu’s state of his mind changed from extreme anxiety, fear and depression during the months leading to the mass exodus of his community from Kashmir; back to utter despondency and extreme anger in the period immediately following the mass exodus; to anxiety and continued struggle in life for achieving some dignity and stability in life; and finally back to love, compassion and empathy.


My life does not to have to be unhappy

My second book, My life does not have to be unhappy, was born out of unhappiness that I experienced while writing my Kashmir book, 22 Years, wherein I had to revisit my past years of despair and distress.
A growing number of people in the world, especially the youth, suffer from unnecessary unhappiness and mental illness, including mental depression. Unfortunately, many people commit suicide.
The rate of mental depression and suicide epidemic is alarmingly on the rise, both in India and outside. The book raises important basic questions about life and what is it all about, and provides a way forward, supported by the thoughts of various spiritual teachers, philosophers and medical practitioners. In particular, this book targets the present youth. It illustrates why one must be unselfish and try to live to a greater purpose for others; and the benefits of meditation and physical exercise for one’s mental health and wellbeing.


My third book, Issues White-anting India, was a direct result of my frequent travels between Perth and India over the last couple of decades.

This book summarises a number of ground issues in India, some directly as a result of a growing population, coupled with a typical Indian psyche/ mindset, which must be addressed in a timely manner so that the future generations in India live a healthier and happier life.