My Kashmir

‘Similar to Kashmiri Pandits, how many other communities in free India have ever chosen to leave their traditional home? It needed strong convictions and guts of this unique community to do so; many other communities would have resorted to other options in order to stay back. The world history is […]

The Call of Home

The call of home Australian writer Bill K Koul left Kashmir even before the troubles began, but still sees himself as the son of India BRUNCH Updated: May 19, 2018 22:36 IST Veenu Singh Hindustan Times On his return after 22 years, the first thing that struck Koul was the way […]

The great Indian democracy

‘What a mockery of democracy in India! The pressures of changing times, a constant battle to survive and a sickening political tug of war have made the common definitions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ very subjective. Sadly, the focus is not about doing the right, as defined universally; the focus is […]

Ignorance equals strife

‘On his recent 2-hour return flight from a mining site located to the north of Western Australia, a colleague, George, who hails from the UK, had an interesting chat with a fellow passenger, who happened to be of Indian origin. George mentioned to him about me, as one of his […]

Mother Earth

‘Mother Earth is magnanimous. She produces, nurtures and finally accepts everything back. She refuses none. It does not matter how high you are flying, you will eventually come down on the earth, whether crashing or on your own device. She produces the aviation fuel that runs your aircraft, as well […]

World Geotech Day

‘Foundations! Whether they are related to women’s make-up; or the birth of institutions or countries; or primary education of the children; or the construction of buildings/ bridges/ towers, foundations are essential to support everything that is visible to the eye and stands on the ground. Foundations must remain hidden from […]

Friendship 2018

‘Has the sun started rising from the west? The definition(s) and objective(s) of friendship have changed. The world has changed it seems. The leaders of North Korea and the USA will soon meet and shake hands in a month’s time, in Singapore. Who would have believed this would happen a […]