Mother Earth

‘Mother Earth is magnanimous. She produces, nurtures and finally accepts everything back. She refuses none.

It does not matter how high you are flying, you will eventually come down on the earth, whether crashing or on your own device. She produces the aviation fuel that runs your aircraft, as well the materials that make your aircraft. Her love for all things that exist on the surface of the earth manifests through Her ‘gravitational pull’.

It does not matter how grand is your house or how high it is located above the ground, one day it will be demolished and everything that makes it will be returned to Mother Earth where from it came originally.

It does not matter how much silk or fur or gold or jewels or diamonds adorn your earthly body now, one day your body and all your adornments and ornaments will also return to Her. You are constantly nurtured by Her – from your birth to your last breath. She provides you with everything that you need to survive and grow – your bread, clothing, shelter, transport and everything else that you use or consume. The animals that you feed on also feed on Mother Earth; they will also return to their origins – through you or directly.

Be humble and be grateful to Mother Earth. Bow to Her, kneel down on the ground and kiss Her. Remember, She gave you birth and She will take you back one day. You have nowhere to go but to Her. You will become a part of Her one day!

It does not matter how tall and strong you are, or how young and beautiful you currently are, your face and body will change before you return to Her. Don’t think too much about yourself, you are nothing but a spec of dust in the scheme of things! Live and be grateful for everything that you have received from Nature for as long as you are able to breathe, which is never under your control. Your each breath is a gift to you from Nature. With your last breath, all your pride, ego, knowledge and arrogance will escape with a puff of your last breath.’ … Bill K Koul

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