Bill K Koul OK


I am an author, columnist, editor and an engineering consultant.
I live in Perth, Western Australia, where I work as a Principal with a geotechnical engineering consulting firm, 4DGeotechnics Pty Ltd. My interests include philosophy, spirituality, nature, music, cricket and long distance running.

On a professional front, I am a current Fellow and Chartered Professional Engineer (Engineers Australia), with APEC Engineer’s accreditation, and over 33 years of international experience in civil / geotechnical engineering consulting industry. I have worked on numerous projects in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, PNG, China, Mongolia, South and South-East Asia, West Africa and South America.

As a geotechnical engineering consultant, I have undertaken numerous geotechnical investigations and foundation designs works associated with roads, bridges, railways, power plants, civil infrastructure, slope stability assessments, high rise structures, forensic engineering, ground improvement and construction monitoring works related to earthworks.

My work experience also includes mentoring personnel and undertaking technical and contract management. I have the necessary technical interpersonal skills to understand the technical and personnel issues and provide reasonable and effective timely solutions.

So far, I have authored seven books. Of those, six books are already published and the seventh book, ‘The Charmed Triangle – Religion, Science & Spirituality’, which I have co-authored with noted author and poet, Vijay Narain Shankar, is with my publisher. My next book is on humans.

All my books are about humans and their issues – wellness and environmental – and to promote humanism and peace in the world. I also write regular articles on a range of topics – philosophy of life, politics, environment, ethics, gender equality, Kashmir, etc.

My last book, ‘The Exiled Pandits of Kashmir – Will they ever return home?, has just been published, in 2020, by Springer Nature, as a Palgrave Macmillan publication.

My fourth book, ‘Does India need a dictator – to rescue a sinking nation?’, was launched initially, in September 2018, at Srinagar (Kashmir) and then in Mumbai. Subsequently, in November 2019, it was again launched along with my fifth book, ‘A Bouquet of Random Thoughts – Conversations with Myself’, at Jammu (India) where my father lives.

My first five books were published by Vitasta Publishing Pty Ltd, New Delhi. Of those, the first three books were launched initially in Perth, Western Australia, in August 2017. Subsequently, all three books were launched across India, in seven different cities – Aurangabad, Bhopal, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, New Delhi and Jammu Tawi – between September and December 2017.

One of my forthcoming books will be a book titled, Art & Philosophy of Engineering – for Civil Engineers. I am also committed to writing books for children for raising their awareness and educating them about environmental and civil responsibility, ethics and aesthetics. I am also planning to write a novel on human relationships.

I have also edited a number of books for Vitasta Publishing Pvt Ltd, which include ‘The School on the Hill’, ‘Khushwant Singh in Wisdom and in Jest’, a book on Martin Luther King and a book written by the Vivekananda International Foundation.