Kashmiri Pandits

‘Kashmiri Pandits? Who? What is their problem? Why did they leave Kashmir? Why did they not fight back in Kashmir? They were millionaires – could they not afford a gun? Oh, so they left Kashmir? So sad! Where did they go then?

The above are some of questions that my many of fellow Indians have asked me during the past 28 years, earlier in India and Malaysia, and now here in Australia.

Sadly, only 1 or 2 Indians out of 10 know the facts, rest don’t really seem to care. Why?

Because Kashmiri Pandits, being an educated / peace loving /non-violent /generally lower-middle and middle-middle class community, didn’t fight either against the government or against their fellow Kashmiris in the valley; or cried in public; or threw stones at the police; or have any political backing at the state or centre levels; or any nuisance value in India. Simple! They rely on themselves or on God, depends if God is also not corrupted.’ … Bill K Koul

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