‘My educated and wise grandfather would say, “A person who does not respect one’s faith tends to disrespect faith of others.” He would also say, “If you don’t respect your parents, others must not expect you to respect their parents either.” His supporting argument was: “One’s faith is like one’s parents, who are the first people in our life whom we trust blindly. Why? Because we have no other options; we are weak and feeble when we are born, and completely unable to help ourselves to survive in our early years.”

It is a matter of fact that we completely trust the knowledge and experience of our parents in our growing years; they appear to us as invincible superhuman beings. As we grow, however, we start challenging them upon discovering they are just human beings, with all known human limitations and flaws embedded in them. Very often, we do despise the ladders that take us to the top.’ … Bill K Koul

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