Human Rights & Population Control

‘Can children be considered as ‘humans’? If yes, do they have ‘human rights’ and, therefore, ‘free will’? If yes, are they free to do anything they want? Do their parents and teachers allow them to exercise their ‘free will’ – such as, play anytime they want; eat and drink anything […]


‘Happy New Year 2018 to all readers and my friends. I wish you all a SAFE & PEACEFUL year ahead! My message: “Love those unconditionally who love you unconditionally. Give a part of yourself to them, selflessly.” My gratitude and sincere thanks to all my dear ones who made my […]

My Book Launch India Tour (Part 3) – 2017

The liveability in India must be improved proactively by all stake holders (in India and overseas) on a war footing, sooner than later, for the survival and sustainability of the country. Liveability refers to the basic life supporting system, such as: Quality of air for breathing Quality and availability of […]

My Book Launch India Tour (Part 2) – 2017

Indian cities are well and truly choking, and heading towards a complete gridlock in not too distant future, due to ever worsening traffic congestions in most, if not all, Indian cities. One does not need to have a PhD degree (in liveability) to see the current sorry state of liveability […]

My Book Launch India Tour (Part 1) – 2017

I have lived four eventful and memorable weeks in India, between 12 November and 13 December 2017, crisscrossing the country, covering six cities, in a warm and humid climate in the central, west and the south of India, and a colder but relatively smoggier environment in the north. One common […]

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