We are one human race

“With travel and globalisation, humans get exposed to other humans and their cultures. They discover local variants of their own self and their own (ever-changing) culture in other people. With that, their fear against other humans – from other lands – disappears and their personal tolerance for them increases. Therefore, travel is important to breakdown the surficial human barriers and to bring humans closer. Travel also keeps the human mind healthy and positive, just like the flowing waters.

The more I travel, the more I discover the oneness of humans and existence of one global village. During my travels and social interactions, I have found that people everywhere in the world have similar physical features. Everywhere on the earth,  humans are born with one pair of eyes, one pair of ears, one nose with two nostrils, one mouth with a tongue and teeth, one pair of arms and hands, and one pair of legs and feet. They all eat, walk and run, sleep, smile and laugh, and breed and answer the call of nature in a similar manner. Their animal instincts, thinking patterns and emotions, and social behaviours are also very similar.

In the last two years, I have visited India 14 times and covered most of the country, except the east of the country. I have found Indians that I have met are no different from Pakistanis that I have met, or Bangladeshis or Persians or Australians or New Zealanders or the British or Americans or Canadians or Africans or Europeans or SE Asians or Asians. Except some local cultural differences, no other major differences exist between humans.

Humans share about 99.7% of the same DNA. Fruit flies, as a species,have more variations than humans! I wonder why then do we humans fight against one another? Why do we humans differentiate other humans from one another? Is it only for gaining control – physical and economic – over them or is it an intrinsic human tendency to achieve and enjoy power and authority over other livings beings, including other humans?

A person who claims there are differences in people has not observed or thought enough. God has made no mistakes in designing humans; people are like flowers of God’s garden. If we differentiate between people – based on religion, caste, creed, gender or ethnicity – we commit blasphemy and sin against God, which the Creator shall never forgive.” … Bill K Koul (11 April 2019)

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