Indian population growth is a global issue

“The author is desperately appealing to the members of the UN, G8, G20, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and all other world bodies to exert an unyielding pressure on India to urgently control its population growth or else be prepared for Super Bug, educated environmental refugees and a number of other serious human issues related to the health and overall well-being of Indians living in India. If China could successfully control its population growth, why cannot India?

India is one of the oldest and responsible members of the world community but does not exist in isolation. In this age of globalisation, India’s problem is a world problem. The world community must put pressure on the Indian government to urgently introduce effective measures to rein in its unbridled population growth, failing which the fallout of India’s population boom is going to adversely affect the whole world community.

India’s population has grown four fold since the British left the subcontinent in 1947. Currently, every fifth or sixth person in the world is an Indian. With a population of about 1.36 billion, India is currently the world’s second populous country, but soon tipped to surge ahead of China as the world’ most populous country.

The author has been tirelessly appealing to the political leaders of India for the last more than two years – through his books, interviews and articles – but to no avail. Sadly, nobody has paid any attention. None of the election manifestos of major political parties in India includes this serious issue for the forthcoming general elections. The general fear amongst the politicians and political parties is that if you speak about the need for population control, you may possibly lose the Muslim vote and the elections. Power corrupts and blinds the politicians to stark realities that sharply look into their eyes.

Major businesses working in India – both from India and abroad – will not be happy with population control, as their market share will potentially reduce due to competition, and that is another problem, driven by capitalism.

India is caught up in an ideological warfare within its communities. The country does not have one common Civil Code, which exacerbates the issue of population control. If you speak with Hindu leaders, they say we can’t ask Hindus to control their population because Muslims won’t control theirs, and we don’t want the country to be Islamic by 2050. So, this is a country where the two religious communities choose to suffer due to a continued environmental degradation rather than come together and defeat their common enemy.

This blog had no validity if the liveability of the country, at least of its cities, would not have been seriously impacted due to its population growth. While the country is teeming with people, worsening air pollution and traffic woes characterise its cities. An alarmingly growth in cancer rates, chest diseases and unhappiness (anxiety and depression) marks the country’s health conditions.

It is only a matter of time before most of its blood vessels – the country’s roads and streets – are chocked with vehicular traffic and pedestrians. It is not hard to imagine a chaotic scenario after that.” … Bill K Koul (13 April 2019)

2 thoughts on “Indian population growth is a global issue

  1. Undoubtedly uncontrolled Population mechanism in India is at the core of all the problems in the Country. Causing Rapid Drain of natura resources …..l be it deforestation, water pollution, air pollution and everything ekse which leaves no space for healthy living in the Country. The authors concern is very authentic and I think the professional’s from all fields irrespectve of religion/ caste / creed need to come together on some platform to raise the public awareness amongst the Country men about the serious repercussions of the Population Holocaust. Interested NGO’s/ Big Corporates also need to be made a party for such platforms. Together these forces can rope in huge number of Associates from the Civil Society at National/ State/ District/ Tehsil/ Blick/ Panchayat levels. Such a Body I presume can work on two fronts…1) Raise awareness and hence create a huge public support for immediate laws to curb unchecked rise in population …2) to pressurised the Govts and the Politicians at National/ State Levels to come together and make relevant laws and provide adequate machinery to check the Population menace. Even if such movement takes say 5 years to grow….it can certainly succeed in checking population in future. It’s what I think at this point & time. There may be others who can have greater ideas ….and I think they need to come forward and share them and see if collectively we all can do something to help save our Country/ Countrymen and the world at large from the unseen effects of Population Holocaust which is staring at our faces . In the meanwhile I can share todays article with my friends on the social media to begin with. Let’s us hope all saner elements in the Country/ worldwide express their views so that we too could at least upkeep the saying ” Better Late Than Never”

  2. The only area where India has shown remarkable progress is population growth rate, currently we are growing at 1.08 percent only.30 years back this growth rate was 2.33 percent. Remember we were adding one Australia to our population every year now it is only half Australia per year

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