Salutation to women

‘Greetings and salutations to women, and to the entire humankind, on International Women’s Day being globally celebrated today, the 8th March 2019. A humble message and tribute to women on this day:

You represent the best part of the humankind. Mother Nature has made you much more tenacious, resilient and tough than your male counterparts. You have already proven that you are equal to and, in many cases, even much better than men in all aspects of life and living – at home and at workplace.

You represent Mother Nature, nurture and love. There is nothing that you can’t do that men can do; you can do even better. You are far above in status than your competitors. You are Saraswati, Kaali, Chandi and Laxmi. Just be yourselves.

You are complete in yourselves. Believe in yourselves. Empower yourselves. You have to prove nothing to anyone. 

Thank you for keeping this world going and worth living.

Full empowerment of women – in all walks of life – is the key to world peace and progress. Only when a community dignifies its women and gives them full respect, honour and all privileges, it can be deemed as evolved and progressive.

Instability in the social equilibrium and traditional religious bias against women could also be deemed as a major cause underlying social violence, rape and global terrorism. Full empowerment and hundred percent education of women globally could possibly prove as a panacea in restoring sense, stability and peace in the world.

Women must have equal representation in ALL affairs of the world, at all levels. They must empower themselves. Sensible men must proactively help to restore the social, ethical and moral equilibrium.’… Bill K Koul

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