Nothing is everything. History repeats itself.

“What goes around comes around; that is karma. What goes up must come down; that is gravity. A day is followed by night and winter is followed by summer. Things keep going round and round.

We come from nothing and return to nothing, and that is the truth of life. That ‘nothing’ is ‘everything’, which must be known, as that is perhaps the greatest purpose of human birth. Otherwise, all other animals also eat and breed as we do. That ‘nothing’ drives the whole universe; it contains all secrets of life and existence. Figuratively, the way we must step into shower without wearing clothes, as providence, when our number is called, we are left with no other choice but to walk alone into that ‘nothing’ without carrying our wealth and assets, family and friends, pride and position, or that stupid, stubborn, fat layer of ego that keeps us inflated lifelong into believing that we are ‘something’, The fatter that layer of ego, the more disillusioned  we are and farther we remain away from the truth, and the more painful it will be to remove and throw it away when we must step into that ‘nothing’.

None of the movements of our planets and moons is in a straight line. They keep returning to the point they start. Our life journey also replicates their movements. Our past reflects our future because one day we must return to it. World has never moved in a straight line, as civilisations have come and gone; they all shone in their days of glory at zenith. Our present civilisation will also fall undoubtedly, thanks to the colossal arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons that we have amassed collectively around the globe for our own self-destruction. When and how, no one knows. It can happen any day as many powerful people around the world believe they are ‘something’. It has happened before; humans are very intelligent but also extremely destructive. They connive and plan destruction. They destroy everything they create. But that may also be a law of Nature! Nature lives through its creation. Humans are a creation of Nature. No other life-form on earth is as dangerous and destructive as humans.

What is created must be destroyed. Figuratively, that is similar to how we thrive. All that we do in life is eventually flushed into those sewers or lands on dumping grounds. Most of us get education only to find jobs – to earn money – to buy facilities, home, clothes and food, all of which become unusable after some time and are disposed of. The best of food that we eat, after only a few hours, goes into a little pot in the toilet and is quickly flushed into sewer.

All stars in the Milky Way live alone. Our sun and all planets in our solar system live alone. Our earth moves alone around the sun, so does our moon around our sun. They keep doing what they are destined to do, day and night, as we sleep. They may appear to be alone and independent but they are not independent; they are part of the solar system and, therefore, they must follow the laws of the system. Even their slightest disobedience or carelessness will be catastrophic for them.  Learn from them. Find your role on the earth and carry it out selflessly, as do the earth, the sun and the moon. Believe in yourself. Walk out, walk alone, if necessary. “Ekla chalo re,” as great Tagore advised.

We hate the sun in hot summer, only to love it again in cold winter. We are whimsical but our sun and earth are not. At times, we forget that the life on the earth is due to the sun. But the sun does not mind, it keeps burning alone, nonstop and keeps us warm and alive. It is only when our earth moves closer to the sun during a certain period of the year that we feel torched by it, and we curse it, as we curse everyone who has done something for us. We are ungrateful. The ladders that take us to top are usually despised by us.

You don’t matter to anyone except to yourself. Many greats have come here and gone. Many of them have been denigrated by many people long after they left. Don’t expect anything from anyone. You are important to people only if and when you are seen as useful. If not, they will move on. That is life. No one will wait for you. Walk alone. Ekla chalo re!

As per the law of universe, earth is destined to revolve around the sun, as moon is destined to revolve around the earth. But the earth is fair to all, it keeps rotating to expose everyone to the sun, causing day and night. Night refreshes us. You also find your destiny. You arrived here alone and alone you shall depart from here, and at any moment. That is the essence of life, transitory!” … Bill K Koul (02 June 2019)

2 thoughts on “Nothing is everything. History repeats itself.

  1. Dear Mr. Kaul, it is a good piece. A person has to keep on going steadily on his chosen path even if he had to go alone on it. What should be that chosen path? This question, I think, each of us should ask himself before setting on journey of life. Do people need help from the society or will destiny show them the way? I will go for the former, people require help to make sense of purpose of their lives and living. What is your take on it?

  2. Wise Words Indeed .

    there is life
    there is death ;
    but then ,
    there is Death in living
    there is Life in dying

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