Human Relationships

‘Can relationships be taken for granted? Yes, they can be and indeed are being taken for granted in many cases. Should relationships be taken for granted? ‘No, that is poison for any relationship’, said Dale, my wise friend, earlier this morning during Sakha’s monthly wash. (Sakha is my white wolf […]

Keeping appearances

‘I may get a 100 or more ‘thumbs up’  for posting a picture of mine, showing me with dark brown professionally dyed hair; a victorious / confident broad smile on my face; and wearing a flashy designer suite. Appearances, most of time, are deceptive but most people fall for them. […]

Human Rights & Population Control

‘Can children be considered as ‘humans’? If yes, do they have ‘human rights’ and, therefore, ‘free will’? If yes, are they free to do anything they want? Do their parents and teachers allow them to exercise their ‘free will’ – such as, play anytime they want; eat and drink anything […]


‘Happy New Year 2018 to all readers and my friends. I wish you all a SAFE & PEACEFUL year ahead! My message: “Love those unconditionally who love you unconditionally. Give a part of yourself to them, selflessly.” My gratitude and sincere thanks to all my dear ones who made my […]

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