Don’t feel lonely

You may be alone, never feel lonely, I am with you;

The sun and the moon and stars too are all with you.

Sun gives you light, air, food, warmth and all you need to thrive;

Moon soothes many a tormented soul, keeps many a dream alive.

Stars twinkle, make one wonder, charm many a young and old;

I am with you, as are the sun and the moon and stars manifold.

Alone are churches, temples, mosques and the pyramids;

Alone are towers, the Burj, the Eiffel, the Qutb and the Willis.

Alone are rivers, the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Nile and the Ganges;

Alone are mountains, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Pamir and the Andes.

Alone are planets, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn;

Alone are oceans, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Pacific and the Southern.

The world travels with you wherever you go, you are never alone;

Why feel lonely, I am with you, as are stars and the sun and the moon.

You are never alone, nor are stars or the moon or the sun;

I am with you, now and forever, close your eyes and look within.

In this noise, we are all together, from one silence to another one;

You are with me, I am not alone, nor are stars or the moon or the sun.

From nothing it all started, back to nothing it will all return;

The sun, the moon and stars, and all things you see here shall return.

Till the sun shines, be a sun or a moon or a star wherever you go;

Till the earth moves, be a tree or run like a river in any way you can do.

… Bill Koul (17 April 2020)

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