Kashmiri Pandits

‘Kashmiri Pandits? Who? What is their problem? Why did they leave Kashmir? Why did they not fight back in Kashmir? They were millionaires – could they not afford a gun? Oh, so they left Kashmir? So sad! Where did they go then? The above are some of questions that my […]


‘All governments must note that without the Kashmiri Pandits and their active involvement, Kashmir can never return to its original peaceful character and glory. Kashmiri Pandits have a major role to play in restoring peace and normalcy in the valley – socially and politically. Different parties – countries and politicians […]

Nineteenth January 1990

‘My sincere apologies to all my KP friends on my miss. Not a word from me (about 19 January) on 19 Jan 2018! And that is tantamount to blasphemy. No, I have not forgotten 19 Jan 1990. Neither have I forgotten 23 Dec 1989, the day I bid my last […]

Human Relationships

‘Can relationships be taken for granted? Yes, they can be and indeed are being taken for granted in many cases. Should relationships be taken for granted? ‘No, that is poison for any relationship’, said Dale, my wise friend, earlier this morning during Sakha’s monthly wash. (Sakha is my white wolf […]

Keeping appearances

‘I may get a 100 or more ‘thumbs up’  for posting a picture of mine, showing me with dark brown professionally dyed hair; a victorious / confident broad smile on my face; and wearing a flashy designer suite. Appearances, most of time, are deceptive but most people fall for them. […]

Human Rights & Population Control

‘Can children be considered as ‘humans’? If yes, do they have ‘human rights’ and, therefore, ‘free will’? If yes, are they free to do anything they want? Do their parents and teachers allow them to exercise their ‘free will’ – such as, play anytime they want; eat and drink anything […]

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