Navreh Mubarak

‘Navreh Mubarak to all Kashmiri Pandits! Today is the first new moon day around the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere and this day marks the first day of the Kashmiri Pandit New Year. Traditionally, on this day, first thing in the morning, Pandits celebrate it by looking into a […]


‘Faith is a very personal matter for every living individual on the planet. One must never challenge other people’s faith. Faith is all what many people may have to see them stand upright and live through the struggles of their life; it instills hope in them for a better tomorrow, […]

Tricky moments in life

‘When nothing is visible and life become very uncertain, trust your heart and the ground that you are standing upon; don’t move till your visibility improves. A single step could land you in abyss. Don’t chase illusions unless they prove to be real. Your past is dead and buried, never […]

Herath Mubarak

‘In the Himalyan valley of Kashmir, located at 5,000 feet above the sea level, Kashmiri Pandits would celebrate this day as ‘Herath’. This day is the most significant day in the traditional Kashmiri Pandit calendar. The day would be invariably marked by a heavy snowfall. This year also, it has […]


‘It was around 6.30 pm. He was waiting for his bus at a bus stop to go home, feeling very hungry and tired. Across the road, the fancy restaurant was buzzing with people. He wished he ate something but realized he could not afford anything there; he did not have […]

Life & love

‘It is true that, in essence, I am ‘nothing’ – just a handful of dust, destined to go back to dust one day; or a tiny bubble, formed by a delicate film of ego of being, destined to burst suddenly some moment. It is only love that makes something of […]


‘My educated and wise grandfather would say, “A person who does not respect one’s faith tends to disrespect faith of others.” He would also say, “If you don’t respect your parents, others must not expect you to respect their parents either.” His supporting argument was: “One’s faith is like one’s […]

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