A Plea to Death

a poem in Urdu, Dua Maut Se’, by Bill Koul, with its English translation, below the Urdu version.)

This poem illustrates an eternal connection between life and death and how they are interwoven as the two essential shades of the Truth. It aims to rid a person of the intrinsic fear of death, which is the one and the only one certainty of life, and why it is more useful to live fearlessly till the final breath of life, after which death meets and greets us, and perhaps leads us into another mysterious phase of cosmic existence.


Zindaghi tadpa kar maare’ kabi, maut tadpa kar zinda rakhe’ kabi, aisa be hota hai is duniya mai;

Kya ajab majra hai, kya ajeeb dastan hai, zindaghi aur maut do aham pehlu hai asliyat ke’; kya ajab silsala hai.

~  ☼ ~

Kuchh log mur mur ke’ zinda rehte’ hai, kuchh log zinda rehte’ hain mur mur ke’ be yahan;

Woh jo murne’ ki dua karte’ hai, shiddat-e-dard main zinda rehte’ hai aur woh jo zinda rehna chahte’ hain, maut kee dahshat se jabran zinda rehte’ hai yahan.

~  ☼ ~

Achanak aati nahi hai maut hamesha, murna padta hai mudhat tuk kabi kabi;

Qaid jab ban jatee hai zindaghi, azadi deitee hai tubh maut; majboori bun jaati hai jub zindaghi; lazim hota hai jeena kabi kabi.

~  ☼ ~

Maut woh nahi jo duniya dekhe’, maut se keh do na kare’ koi shore;

Chattanne’ karti nahi koi shore, khamoshee se mittee mai gal jaatee hai woh aatee hai jub unkee maut.

~  ☼ ~

Kahin koi khamosh dua karta hai dono zindaghi aur maut se’;

Ya toh uske’ aanso barsaat bankar aabad kar virani ko, ya uske’ dil par marham rakh kar sukoon de usse’.

~  ☼ ~

Ae maut, aana dheree se aaye jab tu, chupke’ se’ aana aaye’ jab tu;

Zindaghi ko pata be na chale’, kahin jaga na de woh; zindaghi neend main khwab deekh rahi ho aaye’ jab tu.

~  ☼ ~~  ☼ ~~  ☼ ~~  ☼ ~~  ☼ ~

A plea to Death

Sometimes life torments one to such an extent that one wishes for death and sometimes the fear of death forces one to remain alive; how strange are these happenings; what a saga of life and death, the two essential faces of the Truth – the inevitable; what a connection!  

~  ☼ ~

Some of those who desire life, spend their life in the fear of death and some of those who wish to die are compelled to remain alive and die by inches; those who pray for death remain alive in the intense pain of life, and those who desire life compulsively spend their life in the fear of death.  

~  ☼ ~

Death is not always sudden, sometimes one has die slowly over ages; when life suffocates and becomes a prison, death may provide freedom; sometimes, when living becomes a necessity, it becomes obligatory for one to live.

~  ☼ ~

Death does not have to become an open exhibition, tell death not to make any noise; rocks don’t make any noise when they die and merge with soil.

 ~  ☼ ~

Somewhere someone is pleading to both life and death; either let his tears bring relief to a desolate place or bring him some relief by putting a healing balm on his painful heart.

   ~  ☼ ~

Oh Death, arrive slowly and silently when you arrive, lest life gets even a sniff of your arrival, otherwise she may wake me up; life should be distracted with seeing a dream in my sleep when you arrive.

     ~  ☼ ~

… Bill Koul (Perth, 28 April 2020)

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