Beware of politics in the Social Media

‘Like politics, the social media is not for the thin-skinned or the faint-headed. In this day and age, as a lethal weapon, it can potentially destroy individual people, families, communities, organisations and even change the fate and course of countries. Always remember: “You must be in control of your time and activity on the social media. If not, it has the potential to control you and ruin you in the end.”

Four types of people remain active on the social media:

  • The lions or tigers: Being natural leaders, they propose their independent thoughts and perceptions, philosophy, and suggestions about social engineering etc. They comprise up to about 5-percent of the users.
  • The humans: They comprise up to about 50-percent of the users. Generally, they post their selfies and pictures taken in social events. They love advertising themselves – their social activities, personal and family achievements, social contacts etc.
  • The cattle: They form about 40-percent of the users. They act as posties or delivery people. They receive and forward the posts of others. Sometimes, they also stamp the ideas of others by using emoticons. They are used and exploited by politicians and religious leaders to spread and promote their ideologies and the agenda.
  • The vultures or hawks: They are sadistic grave diggers and form up to about 5-percent of the users. They have nothing of their own, as they are not creative enough. They are the ones one must be extremely wary of.

Of the above, the vultures are the major cause of grief and destruction for many unsuspecting social media users. Being generally sadistic, vultures derive immense pleasure in sinking others. Generally, they try to target and malign the lions, sometimes even the cattle, especially if they don’t like them for personal or any other reasons. They sneak in quietly and remain hidden. They never reveal their true self, they just watch quietly. As soon as they find a vulnerable post, or mistake their target’s post as potentially contentious or controversial, they pounce in to get their prey. On many occasions, however, they lose their feathers, claws or even their beak, only because of their miscalculation and misreading their target.

The members of the first three groups must always identify the vultures, if possible, right in the beginning and then remain always wary. Note that most of them are like chameleons. One of the best ways to deal with the vultures is the COLD TREATMENT. Just ignore them and NEVER accept their hawkish challenges. Never fall to the temptation to respond to them, howsoever, tempting it may be. As vultures are not very wise or creative enough, their attack does not last long. They derive their strength from the reaction of their target. If you don’t react, they will implode silently.

Be alert and smart. Don’t react when someone wrongly, or for no apparent reason, tries to nail you. Just ignore that person. However, if you are smart enough, you can turn the tables and burn your aggressor. But, again, think wisely. Are you on the social media for the right reasons or just to feed on others?

Engage only in civil conversations. Make nothing personal. Follow ethics. Humans have intrinsic dignity, uphold that dignity. Just withdraw if the other person is getting nasty. Withdrawal is the best policy.

Lastly a note of caution: A user (rather abuser) of the social media, in particular, one who is not in control of one’s activity, has the potential to suffer from the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and paranoia, leading to unnecessary waste of human resources and precious time, and even life. In addition, if bullied by one’s so called ‘friends’, one can suffer from severe mental anxiety and depression disorder. Many people, both young and adult, do become victims of bullies; unfortunately, many are driven to commit suicide.” … Bill K Koul

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