Restless souls seek attention

‘Anything we don’t receive at home, we seek outside, mostly with strangers. That includes Attention, Appreciation and Acknowledgement – the 3 As. Our phone and the social media become our lifelines.

What is the purpose of eating expensive food at an expensive restaurant or wearing expensive clothes or going for expensive holidays, if people can’t see what I am doing? Is it not all about making a point that I am much wealthier and more successful than you losers? What is the point of my becoming wealthy and successful if you don’t notice and become jealous of me? Hey, just look at me please, me, me, me …! In simple terms, if you cannot notice me, what I eat, where I go or what I wear, what is the purpose of my being, my existence? Zilch. Ha!

If you agree with all above, you have got it wrong. It is just sarcasm. Get the message, please.

Externalising the source of one’s (hedonic) happiness is a recipe for misery. The hedonic happiness – achieved through those five senses of ours – depletes much faster than you can even realise. No surprise you are constantly in want of more, and more.

Internalising one’s happiness and following a path of altruism brings in plenty of longer-lasting joy and deeper satisfaction and, in fact, truly serves the purpose of one’s existence on this planet. Otherwise, what is the difference between that stray dog and me; both exist, consume, scavenge and breed?

Our needs have become so hedonic, as the disease of materialism has gripped us. National economies run based on exploitation of our materialistic greed. Multinationals have dedicated teams to keep a close watch on our every step and every facial gesture – through our use of mobile phone and the internet, and those numerous hidden video cameras in public places. We are being constantly watched through a clandestine international operation for data gathering. Do you know data management  is the new professional career option?

Machines exploits our hedoinc needs and lure us more and more into an unhappy  materialistic world. That is why we are so restless and constantly in search of attention. If only we followed a more spiritual path, we would not be so miserable and such attention seekers, like toddlers. Of course, for that, one has to be gifted naturally with a deeper spiritual disposition. But is it also a matter of choice? Perhaps!

You can’t simply live without that phone of yours. That phone provides you oxygen. You sleep with it. Your fingers need to work on it otherwise they feel useless and suffocated. Your eyes breathe through it too!

That steep 200 m long up-ramp teasingly tests one’s mental and physical strength and stamina, especially after one has already run eight to ten kilometres in the hot sun. One must overcome oneself to keep running up this slope. Sweet are the fruits of prevailing upon oneself. One who wins has conquered it all.’ … Bill K Koul

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