Healthy New Year 2023

Friends, I wish you all and your families a Healthy and Peaceful New Year 2023. This is my last message of the year 2022. I want to move on, as much as I urge you all to also move on, towards a brighter and lighter 2023, leaving behind any burden that we may have been carrying.

Pardon me if any of my words in the past may have offended you, inadvertently. I strive for humanity and peace; I’ll not write anything to intentionally cause any hurt or harm to anyone. But truth can be bitter at times, just like quinine that saves lives. I prefer not to use a sweetener; sugary substances breed insects and can cause diabetes, which we can’t afford. Once again, kindly forgive my candour, I mean well for all of us.

Forgiveness heals, forgiveness is panacea to the soul. Forgive those who may have offended you. Apologise to those whom you may have offended.

Let us pledge that, in 2023, every person whom we meet receives due respect from us. Let us be sincere and faithful to those whom we befriend or who befriend us. Let us not be disrespectful or disparaging or denigrating to those whom we may not like or who may not like us; let us move on, respectfully.

Next time we meet a person in our home or outside, remember that we are meeting another human, who is just like us in flesh, blood and emotions, one who shares 99.9% DNA with us and most likely has similar feelings, sensitivities and aspirations as us. Let us not look for any labels on the person.

Let us pledge that, in the new year, we don’t allow ourselves to be used (misused or abused) as expendable nuts and bolts by other people – who may be known or unknown to us – in their devices that we know not much or nothing of. Let us not forward any messages carrying inflammatory propagandistic materials from anonymous originators, that we may receive from friends or relatives, which have the potential to cause social strife and turn us into cinders. We must independently check the veracity of every message that conspicuously misses the name of its creator or originator, using reliable and repeatable methods of scrutiny.

Lies never bear names. No name, no truth. Let us not be used as carriers for spreading lies.

Let us ask ourselves if we gain anything out of criticising our neighbours, opponents or other random people whom we have never met or spoken with. No, we don’t; we get distracted and lose time and energy in such wasteful indulgences. Bashing others, one way or the other, costs us not only our precious moments from our life bank but also adds toxicity to the world, which makes us pay dearly, we lose peace of mind.

Denigrating others belittles us.

Let us focus on enhancing the peace and wellness of our lives. Let us set realistic targets in our lives. To make progress (material and spiritual, both), let us then put our heart and soul into achieving those targets.

For 2023 to be better than 2022, we must change ourselves for the better. Let us brighten up the coming year with our humanity and strive to uphold the intrinsic human dignity. Let us take care of ourselves and our families through responsible living. Let us endeavour to spread peace in our global village and make it a happy and sustainable place. Once again, I wish you all a Healthy and Peaceful New Year 2023. Regards. Bill Koul

© Bill K Koul [31 December 2022, Perth, Western Australia]

Copyright © Bill K Koul

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