Saint Vaali

Vaali, a white shepherd, is my son’s pet. Born in Perth, Western Australia, about 6 years ago, Vaali lives currently in Auckland, New Zealand. Earlier, he lived in Christchurch for a couple of years. In my book, “A book of random thoughts — conversations with myself” (2019), I wrote about him and how he won my love. Now, for a valid reason, I have decided to call him Saint Vaali.

Vaali reminds me strongly about many saintly attributes that one tends to talk about so casually in everyday conversations  — living in the moment, unconditional love, patience and no demands, whatsoever; not even about food. All he seems to need is love. He eats just once in 24 hours and that too after the family eats dinner, during which time, he happily engages himself with his favourite ball, without hanging around or demanding food. He loves to go out for walk but waits patiently for it. He listens to his family members with patience and full attention, and never reacts or interjects. I wonder if he really understands what is being spoken to him. Perhaps, he looks into your soul, through your eyes, and listens to your heart. Having said that, he understands and politely complies with all commands given to him.

Watching him playing joyfully with his favourite ball at home or running on the beach is pure joy, a real treat that one can possibly never forget. Being a shepherd, he is highly intelligent and alert, and loves to work around people. Vaali has a deeply calming effect on the other person. While interacting with him, all other thoughts disappear and the mind settles magically into a sudden childlike state of innocence, sans agitation. Simply, he is a healer and his presence is therapeutic.

I have not met many (human) saints in my life but I have heard they do miracles. Vaali too does miracles, he makes you happy, each and every moment of the day. He listens to you patiently and never demands. He makes you feel loved and important. He literally lives in the moment, as we speak. As a white, furry bundle of joy, he just lifts your spirit with his own great spirit. Aren’t those miracles, in particular, in this day and age? Saint Vaali indeed!

I love you, Vaali. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for being a saintly friend and a great spiritual teacher. Thank you.

…. Bill Koul (07 July 2021. Auckland, New Zealand)

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