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“SMALL BUSINESSES AND JOBS MUST BE SAVED. Let political decisions not lead to more job losses and small-business closures than already done by the Covid-19 pandemic. This post illustrates how political decisions lead to potential small-business closures and thousands of job losses. On the basis of rationale and prudence, this must be prevented.

In Australia, the Migration Amendment (Regulation of Migration Agents) Bill 2019 is understood to have been passed in the Australian Parliament on 15 June 2020. As a direct consequence of this, it is understood that at least 4,843 self-employed, non-lawyer Registered Migration Agents (‘RMA’) will be potentially closed in March 2021, with at least 5,200 people losing their jobs. Their work is expected to be taken over by large businesses, operated by lawyers.

In essence, the non-lawyer RMAs are being made to pay for complaints against only 0.3% of RMAs, who are known to have already been sanctioned. Interestingly, the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) is understood to have stated that majority of non-lawyer RMA provide excellent service and 75% of them had never ever received a complaint against them.

As small business owners, non-lawyer RMAs are known to provide a dedicated, personalised touch in their cost-effective professional service, which is deeply cherished by most new immigrants, not only at the time of their immigration but long thereafter, as acknowledged by many of them through their positive feedbacks and expressed gratitude to their respective non-lawyer RMAs. For no additional cost to the migrants, non-lawyer RMAs continue to support their clients, by remaining their point of contact and providing referrals for them.

Personalised humane touch goes a long way in helping immigrants in settling down in their new home. Proactive and personal care, especially at the start of migration, is vital for all new settlers. It is like nurturing and nourishing of new saplings that later grow into fruit-bearing trees.

Who will lose? Australia will lose. Potential and existing migrants will lose, as well as nearly 5,200 jobs will be lost in Australia. Post March 2021, many potential good immigrants are not expected to afford the fee of the new agents. The country may possibly miss great success stories that have emerged so far from the services provided by the RMAs. Can we prevent these potential losses?

The following link to an article, dated 14 September 2020, by Murray Hunter provides many pertinent details:

Can we help and save small businesses from closing and prevent any further job losses?” … Bill Koul (Perth, 17 September 2020)

2 thoughts on “Save jobs and small businesses

  1. Thanks for bringing this fact into the open. RMAs have done so much for migrants in many ways- introductions with local community, opening bank accounts, assisting with school admissions, referrals to legal aid when required, info regarding housing,etc. There is a strong possibility of RMAs losing their livelihoods now as the LCA is trying to force unnecessary hardships on RMAs and yet letting their own fraternity to practice migration law when they do not have any qualifications to do so. I guess as the Tilers , carpenters, roofers etc, can call themselves as real estate agents as they are in a related industry. This is going to be a World class migration industry at its worst.

  2. As a professional migrant who has had to utilise the service of a non-lawyer RMA for the processing of my partner visa several years ago, my experience has been excellent. The migration frameworks are extremely complex and the personal touch goes a long way as this article highlights, so it is of real concern that lawyers will have the same authority to service clients without formal training and knowledge in migration practices. Australia’s migration industry will inevitably take a hit as migration services take the form of a double-edged sword for clients through higher costs and poorer results. Very sad!

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