Friends lost in the desert of time (a poem)

“They lived in a desert, a desert of time; sometimes cold, sometimes hot.

The desert was their new home; the home of their birth was far away, perhaps lost.


They were friends, some lived near and some far; some would fly, some walk.

When together, some would hug, some laugh; some would tease and some taunt.


One night came a dust storm, blinding them all; some in full, some in part.

With an eye half open, he stumbled and walked; it was quite rough, very dark.


In the desert of time, that night the friends got lost; dust settled as time passed.

On a path never treaded before, alone he walked; trusting his little, bloodied heart.


Friends thought he was lost; from where he saw, they too seemed lost.

Their minds narrowed, visions impaired; their eyes could not see oasis from mirage.


They looked south, he looked north; they looked east, he looked west.

Their ways parted, their thoughts differed, as strangers never before in the past.


Dust settled as time passed; from a distance some wrote, some talked.

Many said he was wrong; some advised him to change his path, some fought.


Time alone knows what went wrong that night; and who was right.

Till truth appears and lights them all, should they argue, should they bite?


They wear glasses to judge and see; some wear black, some white.

When truth appears as the brightest sun, some eyes may get dazzled for a while.


What should friends do when they meet, should they hug or should they fight?

Pray the old friends meet as friends again, friends who got lost on that dusty night.


Their differing visions separated their heads, hope not their heart.

When they meet and hug, their mind shall open, their hearts shall talk.” 

… Bill K Koul (10 Nov 2019)

[This poem was conceived by the author, on 4 November 2019, while flying somewhere over the Indian Ocean.]

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