Nature respects strength and power

“Nature does not respect weak and meek. As per law of nature, weaker life-forms are consumed (mercilessly) by relatively strong and powerful. Plants hardly put up any defence against animals, although some plants are known to be carnivores. Animals consume plants – fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs etc. – at will. In the rest of animal kingdom, animals follow the food chain. If lions do not hunt and devour their prey, they will not be able to survive; they too are finally consumed by other animals when they grow old and weak. In some situations, even their slightest hesitation, or self-doubt, during their attack on their prey can potentially cost them their lives. This natural law remains valid and applicable for humans too.

To be gentle or humble does not necessarily mean being virtuous. Virtuosity requires gentleness interwoven with strength and bravery and, most importantly, the willingness to use one’s strength and power for selfless noble causes, including winning justice for others and helping the downtrodden and defenceless. Strength is the greatest deterrence against being exploited or consumed by others. In animal kingdom, many animals have evolved over time and learnt ways to protect themselves through various survival skills, such as camouflage, creating frightening sounds, spewing venom, vibratory body movements, spiking, fanning etc.

Passive aggression may be considered as the best form of defence to ward off nasty aggressors. Nuclear capability may currently be saving many nations who, otherwise, would have been punished (by more powerful nuclear nations) for their misdeeds or for not towing their lines. In the hindsight, if Iraq had nuclear capability, its history over the past couple of decades would have been entirely different. Some other nations, who may have learnt from the Iraq episode, are believed or known to have silently developed their own nuclear capabilities – to a lesser or greater extent – with aim to avoid meeting the same fate as Iraq.

Majority rules. It is always one, or a few, against many. And, invariably, many prevail. The onus is always on that one, or those few, to tow the line of the many and assimilate with them. Social media has clearly proven the herd mentality and animal behaviour of humans. In reality, it does not matter if you think you are right; what matters is if those many agree with you or not. Once the majority feels challenged and threatened by you, they will pounce on you as a group and try to tear you apart, just as those big cats – lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas – attack and kill much larger animals (elephants, rhinos, hippos and buffaloes) who get separated from their herd.

Might is right. Bigger fishes eat smaller fishes. Similarly, bigger business entities take over smaller businesses. In the real world, it is always a battle for dominance. Armies, institutions and organisations follow command and hierarchy. Even families are run as dictatorships till adolescent rebel and leave. Boss is always right. Social and professional hierarchies are also based on the principles of authority and power. Bravery and strength are respected. Cowardice is mocked at and looked down upon in most situations. All animals, including humans, bow to power. Lions and jackals don’t command the same respect in the animal kingdom. Humans also regard them differently. Scavengers are generally shy and much weaker as individuals; they feed on the kill of others.

Gentler and weaker people (and communities) are generally exploited and abused by relatively more powerful individuals (and communities) as sheer commodities. Weak and poor people generally work for strong and wealthy. In the present world of aggressive materialistic competition, meekness is generally construed as cowardice. To be powerful and strong – morally, educationally, financially, politically and physically – and yet be gentle and humble is being virtuous and noble. If so-called gentle people don’t stand against injustice, oppression or terror, but instead lay low and hide, they can be considered as cowards. If so-called gentle people cannot protect themselves and their kin, can they be anyone’s true friends? They may even compromise the wellbeing and safety of others and, therefore, can never be trusted.

Powerful people tend to test the power of others to mark their territory, similar to the behaviour of other animals. They have two options about when and how to use their strength; of those, one leads to glory and the other to disaster. Those powerful people who choose not to display their strength and power in vain or to frighten others or misuse it for their selfish ends are acknowledged and glorified in history as real heroes. But those who misuse their strength and power to deliberately oppress and exploit others – as a result of their misguided beliefs or sadistic mental orientation or even a naturally evil disposition – go down in history as tyrants. History condemns them during their lifetime and long after they are gone. Cowards and bullies sadistically harass gentler people.

Nature is most powerful and, from time to time, it keeps reminding us about its infinite strength. Nature is also bountiful; it provides and nurtures all life species, without bias. Air and water are fine examples of strength and virtuosity. Life is not possible without both. Both are invisible in their natural states. As they look harmless and least threatening when they don’t move, ignorant fools consider them as weak. But the wise and realised know their strength. When air and water move with purpose, nothing can stand against them; they can uproot everything in their path. A bucketful of water is sufficient for drowning a giant. Let us, therefore, learn from nature and be strong to protect ourselves, yet be empathetic, caring and compassionate for other less-fortunate and weaker cohabitants.” … Bill K Koul (23 July 2019)

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