Why Indians will never vote for me?

‘In a most unlikely scenario, if I fool myself and stand for elections in India, I am certain to lose my security deposit. I am not even sure if my own family members will vote for me. I may even be physically and mentally harassed! Why?

Simply because I:

  • Stand for the main issues plaguing the country, such as population, liveability, education, corruption, security and rapes, poverty, dowry and lavish weddings;
  • Dissociate myself with (divisive) politics associated with, or driven by, religion, region and caste;
  • Represent ‘all’ Indians, regardless of who they are, and remain blindfolded to religious, caste, gender and socio-economic backgrounds of the people;
  • Am immune to (corruptible) influence of the wealthy and the famous in the country;
  • Endeavour to introduce and implement uniform civil code in the country, i.e. one law for ‘all’ Indians;
  • Endeavour to control and put full brakes on India’s population growth, using all available just and humane methods – education, print and electronic media and a  vigorous social campaign – through all necessary bureaucratic, legislative, administrative and legal procedures;
  • Strive to rebuild and repair, as necessary, India’s educational infrastructure – with double spending on education across the country (to at least 8 percent of GDP);
  • Plan to make school education free and compulsory for ‘all’ children up to Class 10, with implementation of punitive measures for defaulters;
  • Intend to enforce teacher appointment based solely on merit, with requirement of compulsory continuous professional development and accountability of teachers;
  • Want to make primary and pre-primary school education ‘holistic’, without any written assessments, and facilitated (i.e. taught) by the best minds (i.e. teachers) from the country, who will be remunerated at the highest levels, and rewarded with all necessary perks, allowances and incentives to work in every nook and corner of the country – of course, with full accountability and penalty for defaulters;
  • Shall work to legally introduce mandatory castration of all ‘proven and confirmed’ rapists within a period of maximum of 2 weeks of committing the crime, to ensure quick delivery of justice to the victims. After castration, the rapists will be paraded naked through the main streets, lanes and by-lanes of their locality for their public humiliation, after which they will be allowed to go home to suffer on their own, and not jailed, so as not to increase any burden on the tax payer. Confirmed rapists will lose the parts of their body that they use in carrying out the crime, including their lips and hands. In case of rape and murder, castration will be followed by death penalty, preferably in the open view of public, to instil deep fear in potential rapists and achieve future deterrence of the heinous crime. To nip this crime completely in bud, an exemplary punitive force will be unleashed so that no male will ever dare to sit or stand within a distance of 1 m (nearly 3 feet) from any female, whosoever she is, without the expressed verbal permission of the female (in case of legally adult females) or if not witnessed by another member of his / her family (in case of minors). This crime will be dealt with iron hand, using a ‘black and white’ approach, with no shades of grey in-between. All confirmed false accusation of rape will be dealt with sternly, with full payment of costs – legal and defamation – and fines, along with at least five (5) years of mandatory imprisonment of the accuser;
  • Want to make dowry – both offering and accepting – completely unlawful and a serious crime, with 10 years of rigorous imprisonment to both parties. The same sentence will be served by the parties who spend a cumulative amount of more than 2 lakh rupees on all functions of a marriage ceremony, including wedding reception and gifts. Weddings will be monitored and audited by a special division of civil-clothed social police, under all necessary checks and balances to ensure the police itself is not corrupted by the defaulters;
  • Intend to put a strict control on the purchase of motor vehicles in terms of their size and total number per household. Motor vehicles will not be allowed to be parked in single lane streets. People won’t be able to own a motor vehicle unless they have a parking space within the boundary of their property;
  • Intend to work to introduce a law under which all food and drug adulterers will be legally served with nothing less than death sentence, to ensure complete deterrence of the crime against the life and health of people; and
  • Shall sharpen the enforcement to nip all corruption in bud, especially in government departments. Enforcers will be closely monitored to make sure they are honestly doing the job for which they are paid.

You have been fed – through the electronic and printed media, and a sustained rhetoric on the social media – with plenty of divisive politics in the name of religion, caste, nationalism, regionalism etc. You are not used to, or allowed to, think independently with your own brains and outside the box. Many of you can’t even see what is happening with your country. You are not even aware about the potent dangers that are threatening your country’s integrity and its very survival in the longer run. Numerous forces from within and outside the country are working continuously to divide you; unfortunately, many of you have already fallen for their designs.

You are not used to straight talkers like me, you like going around the circles, you like prostrating! You can’t digest straight and sharp politics, with no nonsense, issued-based and inclusiveness. You are used to hearing ‘them’ and ‘us’, and not ‘we’.

I strive for a  healthy, sustainable, happy and unified India, where ‘all’ people proudly call themselves Indians, and work tirelessly and selflessly towards their country; where people are prepared to sacrifice their individual interests and selfish motives for the betterment of their nation.

You must be thinking what kind of a fool I am and possibly also wondering if I really know India and the Indian people. I don’t blame you. But that is where you are making a big mistake.

A young, 16-year old, Class 10 student in Hyderabad, shares my thoughts and dreams about a strong and healthy India. He calls himself my ‘visionary student’. Several decades ahead of his peers, in terms of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, he is truly a conscientious and an unbelievably hard working lad, aspiring to become a people’s leader and honestly address the issues that he sees are seriously undermining the country. One day, he will show us the way. To the extent I know, he may have already put the nation on notice, so watch out! Help him and follow him when he stands up and asks for your help, to help yourselves and the country.

It is true that only a dreamer can think about the implementation of all above measures for restoring the health of the country. I am a dreamer and my dream will come true one day. By his own volition, my visionary student from the south will rise one day and show us the way!’ … Bill K Koul

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