Sense of Belonging

India, as a nation of 1.35 billion people, needs massive character (re)building – right from the beginning and the grass roots – to inculcate civil / civic sense and environmental awareness / sustainability – across all sections of the society – rich and poor – literate and illiterate. That will only happen when people start truly owning their country and all her people as their own family members irrespective of religious/ caste/ regional /class divides – as a show of true nationalism (and not the hollow one, as seen today) – and please stop prostrating before the so-called ‘netas’, ‘abinetas’ and so-called celebrities. They all work for themselves. Their excreta also smells as yours and so does their mouth when they wake up in the morning. Under that beautified / made-up skin and the (expensive / designer) clothes we wear, we all look the same.

How much television will you watch? How many television debates will you watch? What do you gain? Wake up India, don’t sleep-walk towards a catastrophic situation – wake up and own the country – please take responsibility for your actions and inaction.

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