Anupam Kher Launches Book ’22 Years A Kashmir’, Written By Kashmiri Aussie Writer

Veteran actor Anupam Kher has launched a book on Kashmiris by Vitasta publications named 22-years a Kashmir which is a story of one such Kashmiri Pandit who returns to the valley of Srinagar after 22 years of self imposed exile. A memoir by Kashmiri Australian writer Bill Koul. Let’s listen […]

22 Years – A Kashmir Story By Bill K Koul

Product description: “This book is ON Kashmir and Kashmir ALONE. As the title implies, one lakh Pandit families may have one lakh stories to tell. This book, 22 Years, is the story of one such émigré Kashmiri, Billu, who returns to the beautiful valley of Srinagar after twenty-two years of […]

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