We are one human race

“With travel and globalisation, humans get exposed to other humans and their cultures. They discover local variants of their own self and their own (ever-changing) culture in other people. With that, their fear against other humans – from other lands – disappears and their personal tolerance for them increases. Therefore, […]

Salutation to women

‘Greetings and salutations to women, and to the entire humankind, on International Women’s Day being globally celebrated today, the 8th March 2019. A humble message and tribute to women on this day: “You represent the best part of the humankind. Mother Nature has made you much more tenacious, resilient and […]

Need for a cool head

‘The recent car-bomb terrorist act in Pulwama (Kashmir) has practically divided the Indian community, including the exiled, uprooted Kashmiri Pandit community, which has been a hapless direct victim of the militancy in Kashmir. The terrorist attack, which killed over 40 Indian security (CRPF) personnel and injured many more, and the […]

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