India, O India!

‘As history can testify, the greatest factors that have impeded the stability and growth of the Indian subcontinent, especially after the British left seven decades ago, have been its communal disharmony and distrust, cultural diversity and ethnic heterogeneity. On the top of that, in India at least, the thriving caste […]

Greetings to my two mothers

‘Twenty-sixth January is an important day for both Australia and India. Australia celebrates this day as Australia Day and India as Republic Day.  As people comprise a country, warm greetings to all my fellow Australians and Indians on this day. India gave me birth, values and education. Republic Day of […]

Shame on me!

‘I did not save that little bird sitting paralysed in the middle of the eastbound left lane of Manning Road this morning. Due to the current holiday season, the road traffic in Perth is very light these days, about one-tenth of the normal traffic. I was alert enough to spot […]

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