Ek shikwa – tümne׳ aisa kyon kiya? (Why did you do it?) – a poem

Tümhe׳ suchh maloom thaa, lekin tümne׳ jhooth aur dokhe׳ ka isteymaal kiya; humm tau sakht mushkil mei girr gayey, ab tumm suchh ka samna kaise׳ karoge׳Tümne׳ aisa kyün kiya? Maloom nahin.

[You knew the truth but you used lies and deceit. We plunged in such hardship, how will you ever face the truth? Why did you do it? Don’t know!]

Tümhe׳ insaan nahin dikh raha hain, insaniyat tumse׳ kho gayee hain; tumne׳ insaan ko insaan nahin samja; khuda tumhe׳ kya muaf kareegha? Lalach aur zid kee gardh main woh insaan kaise׳ kho gaya?Maloom nahin.

[You are not able see a human, humanity has forsaken you.You did not consider a human as a human; will God ever forgive you? How could a human lose himself to greed and stubbornness? Don’t know!]

Tüm pyaar se׳ maangte׳, humm apna sir khushee se׳ kalam kurke׳ tumhe׳ paesh karte׳; tümne׳ humse׳ dokha kiya; abb humm tumhe׳ apnee nafrat bhee nahin denghe׳.Tumne׳ humko yeh zilatt kyon dhee?Maloom nahin.

[Had you asked with love, I would have gladly offered my head to you. But now that you have tricked me, you don’t deserve to receive even my hatred. Why did you degrade me with such contempt? Don’t know!]

Jeena pehle׳ se׳ hee bahüt mushkil thaa, zindaghi pehley se׳ hee mushkil thee; dushman tou dushman thae hee, dostün ne׳ bhee jeena haraam kar diya. Ab jiyen tau jiyen kaise? Maloom nahi.

[Living was always quite difficult; life was always difficult. Not only my enemies but even my friends made my life so difficult. Now how do I live? Don’t know!]

Suchh aur jooth mein farak jaanana namumkin thaa; jinhee׳ hum humdard sumjee׳ thae, humarey katil nikley; jo humare׳ achhe׳ kal kee baat karte׳ hain, ün logoun ne׳ humare׳ aaj ko maar dalaa. Suchh kya hai, jhooth kya hai? Maloom nahin.

[It was always impossible to differentiate between  truth and untruth; those whom I considered as my friends turned out to be my killers; those who talk about my tomorrow have killed my present. What are truth and untruth? Don’t know!]

Kis kis kee khabar lein, kis kis ko dosh dein; jub apne׳ hee bewafaa nikle׳, kis se׳ gila karen aur kis ko fariyad karen. Tumne׳ humko yeh roohan-e-aazaab kyon diya?Maloom nahin.

[Who should be asked; who should be blamed? When my own turned out to be unfaithful, who do I turn to complain? Why did you give such a pain to my soul? Don’t know!]

Hum apna toota dil kho bethee׳ hain, dil kee jagah khaalee see ho gaye׳ hain; dimaag ab dhokha de raha hain, us main tumne׳ ranjish aur nafrat bar dee hain. Ab ek zakhmee rooh bach gayee hain, kab rooth ke nikal jaye׳? Maloom nahin.

[My heart is broken; it seems a big void has replaced it. My brain is tricking me; you have filled it with grievance and hate. When will my bruised soul disappear, offended? Don’t know!]

Mitee main se nikle hain, mittee main wapas jayenghey; Kya mitee tumhe׳ aur humme׳ kabool kareghee? Maloom nahin.

[We were born from earth and we shall return to earth. Will earth accept you and me back? Don’t know!]

Khuda kall bhee khamosh thaa, khuda aaj bhee khamosh hai; Khuda kya kall bhee khamosh rahe׳gha? Maloom nahin.

[God was silent before and God is silent today. Will God remain silent tomorrow also? Don’t know!]

Khamoshi main hai Khuda and Khuda main hai khamoshi, khamoshi hee Khuda hai; pehle׳ bhee khamoshi thee, aakhir bhee khamoshi hogee. Ae Bill Koul, yeh shore-sharaba, tamasha kub tuk? Maloom nahin.

[God resides in silence and silence resides in God; silence is God. It was silence in the beginning and it will be silence in the end. Oh, Bill Koul, how long will this noise and drama continue? Don’t know!] … Bill K Koul  (13 October 2019)

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